The shape of your heart

The shape of your heart

When you hit the gym in a bid to lose belly fat, it's worth considering the true benefit of this endeavour. Beyond the obvious increased sense of wellbeing and confidence that comes with a svelte shape and a flat stomach, there is a far greater reason to wish to lose belly fat. Unlike fat on the hips, fat around the belly is a sign of insulin resistance, where your body releases more insulin than it should. Insulin resistance is a multifaceted syndrome that significantly increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Insulin resistance raises blood sugar levels, and high blood sugar...

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“I thought the Amino Slim was too good to be true, but it does work!
Since starting I have dropped a jean size and a bra size.
What a great product!”

Anne SB

“Zana, they’ve really worked for me. Having
suffered from long Covid and not being able to do as
much exercise in 6 weeks. I’ve lost the stone I put on!”

Katie M

“My running, actually jogging, has got faster… as a 57 year old
woman I’ve gone from 11.30 minute mile to 10.3
- which I’m delighted about!!!”

Bev S

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