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They are all amino acids (protein) or vitamins or minerals, and in this regard are simply the natural elements that the body uses and requires to function normally. Some are sourced directly from food, for example casein protein, others are pharmaceutical grade, like our Chill Pill is sourced from calcium salts. This allows a product such as Creatine, which would normally be of animal origin, to be suitable for vegans.

We always recommend that you check with your doctor before adding any supplements to your diet alongside a prescription. This applies to Strong products and all other supplement brands.

Currently we ship to the UK, the US, Australia & New Zealand. Unfortunately delays at customs etc has made shipping to the EU too difficult, although we are hoping to restart soon. If you have a question about shipping to a location not listed here please email us directly at

Amino Slim

5 capsules or 1/2 teaspoon of the powder per day works great and is all you need for great results. This can be increased to a total of 10 capsules or 1 teaspoon if taking it before training as well as before bed, and this will in turn accelerate results. Up to 2 teaspoons of the powder is often taken by athletes and obviously works exceptionally well but not essential!

If taking consistently most start to see a difference in terms of inch/cm loss, especially around the belly, within 10-14 days.

Just before bed is ideal,  otherwise 20 – 30 mins before any intense exercise.  In both cases it is essential to fast for 2.5 hours beforehand. Not as effective, but also works, is to take on waking, and fasting for 2 hours after.

For best results, its best to take regualarly without missing days. If you miss a night, take it first thing the next morning,  and avoid food for 2.5 hours. This will keep the cycle going.

Occasionally!  Amino Slim can be taken with supplements that do not contain sugars (watch out for sugar coating) or amino acids (Protein). It means, you can take Amino Slim with Chill Pill or Magnesium Rocks, but not at eh same time of day as Creatine or Casein Protein (as both of these are protein based). 

No. Collagen is a protein based supplement so will stop the Amino Slim working. If taking collagen, as it works best away from other foods, while the Amino Slim works best with sleep, for best results, we recommend taking the collagen in the morning or earlier in the evening and keeping the Amino Slim to before bed.  

You can take Amino Slim at the same time as other tablets as long as they are not sugar coated, protein based (e.g. collagen) or for regulating blood pressure. If you are taking any prescription drugs we recommend checking with your doctor when adding any of our supplements.


The powder is absorbed a little more quickly but otherwise both work well! 5 Amino Slim capsules are equivalent to approximately ½ a teaspoon of the powder.

Yes.  This can work even better than within the capsule.


1 scoop yields approx. 28g of pure protein, which is the equivalent of a 140g salmon fillet. We recommend ¾ - 1 scoop as serving size,  blended in milk (almond/oat/regular dairy),  or water or yoghurt/kefir. This can be made as thick or as thin as preferred, and can be blended with, for example, fruit/frozen berries, nut butters, greens etc. to make smoothies.

A scoop has 30g of pure protein (equivalent of a chicken breast) but only 120 calories.

Anyone can take casein, even if not exercising, as its simply a naturally low fat, low calorie pure protein,  the same protein in fact that you get in yoghurt or cheese. As such, it works as a handy replacement for a small meal, such as blending with berries to have as a breakfast, or as a filling snack during the day, with or without exercise.

Chill Pill

We recommend 6 per day for 2-4 weeks (depending on stress/anxiety levels) and then reduce to 3-4/day. Normally customers take 3 with breakfast and 3 before bed (to help sleep).


If you train regularly: start with 1 teaspoon twice / day for the first 10 days. Mix in water or a warm (not hot) drink or yoghurt.  Then reduce to 1 teaspoon/day. If you don’t train, taking 1 teaspoon/day as above will work well.

Absolutely! It will help muscle even if not training. You only need to train 2 or 3 times a week to great results. A teaspoon a day is plenty.


These have a naturally high level of astaxanthin, an antioxidant which helps protect the oil. Keeping in a fridge will work well but is not essential, it’s just important to keep it in a cool dry place.


The guidance for the Magnesium is as per the pack which is just 1 - 2 per day. They can be taken with a meal or before bed.


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