Everyone, at every age, can improve their strength and stamina with Pure Fine Creatine

Everyone, at every age, can improve their strength and stamina with Pure Fine Creatine
What is creatine, where do we get it and why do we need it?  
These are the most common questions asked about this supplement that only a short while ago was virtually unknown in the world outside of elite athletes and bodybuilders. Now our Pure Fine Creatine is our most popular supplement it even outsells our fat burning Amino Slim and our sleep inducing Magnesium Rocks
So what is creatine?  Creatine is part of a protein and is made of 3 amino acids. It is an essential component of Adenosine triphosphate or ATP -  essential energy molecules that are particularly important for both muscle cells as well as our brains as we age. 
Where do we get creatine? Our bodies naturally produce approx 2g of creatine per day while fish (100g of Atlantic salmon will provide 3.5g of creatine) and meat (100g of beef provides 4.5g of creatine), are the primary dietary sources of creatine. Those on a vegetarian or vegan diet can be low or even deficient in creatine.
Why do we need creatine? Traditionally used by elite athletes, now people from all walks of life are benefitting from creatine. And no, creatine doesn't only power you through a HIIT session. In fact, you don't even need to train to benefit. Those supplementing their diet with creatine will find that they are elevated with more sustained energy and stamina through their day, while cognition and memory improve. 
Who is creatine suitable for?  Whereas all adults will benefit from creatine, the most dramatic effect from creatine can be experienced by those on a low protein diet, older adults looking to protect their lean body mass and improve brain functioning, those transitioning through meno-/andro-pause when the brain relies more on ATP,  and finally, of course, gym & fitness bunnies & buffs!
So how much creatine do I need?  Training, as well as daily living, especially as we age, seems to use up much of our cells' stores. 5g per day of creatine is considered the minimum requirement, whereas some suggest 10-15g of creatine per day, to replenish stores properly, especially if someone is recovering and building lean body mass lost though natural age related sarcopenia or indeed exercise.  We find, in conjunction with a healthy, balanced eating, that as little as 5g (1 teaspoon) of creatine added to water, a shake or your morning coffee is more than enough to transform your daily strength and stamina, no matter what your age or stage in life.  
Zana Morris, Founder

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