Squat On Toes

Squat On Toes

We’re going to focus on both your balance and your quads, at the front of the thigh, especially that area above the knee that also supports and strengthens the knee itself.  As with all balance exercises, you should also feel it in the glutes, as well those lower abs.

This is as with any standard squat except you’re up on your toes! Keeping nice and tall, you can either imagine you’re holding an imaginary ball out in front of your chest, or if it helps hold the position more readily, use your arms as a pendulum.

Initially it can help to have something close by to gently hold onto to help you to keep your balance, however only do this with a view to progress without support.  (Having help can gently place your body’s weight onto the wrong part of your feet, in turn resulting in the wrong muscles engaging) body. Ultimately your goal is to hold yourself using your glutes and abs, keeping nice and steady throughout the move.

See 0.40s Simply squat as low as you comfortably can staying as high on your toes as you can and return to standing, again staying on your toes. Breath in on the way down and out on the return (see 0.50s). And repeat. Ideally do 3 sets of 10.

AS well as balance and knee strength, this exercise also works through your feet, helping strengthen arches, and also stimulates your calves into action -  great for sports such as tennis or netball (or if you’re the goalie in football!) 


Zana Morris, Founder

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