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Lacking the umph to power through the day? Having an energy dip at 3pm? Or simply waking sluggish and unable to get yourself going. It may not be your age or simply that you’re doing too much, but rather a combination of low ATP levels, not enough protein, and a lack of essential vitamins and minerals, to blame.

Adenosine-triphosphate, or ATP are the energy molecules that our bodies use for stamina and endurance when we train, while our brains rely on it for memory and general alertness especially through the hormonal changes of mid-life and beyond. Pure Creatine is essential for this ATP production, giving you the stamina to stay powered through your day. Combining with a slow-release casein protein drink, you will both recover and protect vital lean body mass, including the very muscle that literally carries you through your day, as well as help to keep your blood sugar levels steady, avoiding those energy lows! And finally ensure energy production at a cellular level by adding in a potent antioxidant mix, Cellution, high in vitamin C, zinc, Vitamin E and manganese.

Creatine: 1 teaspoon per day in liquid (eg water or warm – not hot – tea). Can be added to protein shake.
Casein protein: ¾ - 1 scoop blended in any form of milk or added to yoghurt. Can be taken as a small meal, dessert or as an afternoon snack to carry you through the day.
Cellution: 2 twice per day with food.

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“Zana, they’ve really worked for me. Having suffered from long Covid and not being able to do as much exercise in 6 weeks. I’ve lost the stone I put on!”

Katie M

“I thought the Amino Slim was too good to be true, but it does work! Since starting I have dropped a jean size and a bra size. What a great product!”

Anne SB

“Strong nutrients really do work, I can say from experience. They beat all the other pretenders”.

Siobhan M.