The shape of your heart

The shape of your heart

When you hit the gym in a bid to lose belly fat, it's worth considering the true benefit of this endeavour. Beyond the obvious increased sense of wellbeing and confidence that comes with a svelte shape and a flat stomach, there is a far greater reason to wish to lose belly fat. Unlike fat on the hips, fat around the belly is a sign of insulin resistance, where your body releases more insulin than it should. Insulin resistance is a multifaceted syndrome that significantly increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Insulin resistance raises blood sugar levels, and high blood sugar...

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Janet Inglis
Get Strong

Get Strong

Get Strong From shape to longevity, stamina to health and physical to mental resilience, there are many reasons to want to train to be strong Lean muscle holds your shape, from lifting your derrière to providing a statuesque posture. And lean muscle burns calories, ensuring you’re continuing to burn fat, long after you finish your squats, or put your weights back on the rack. However, strength training does more, so much more than that. Strength training helps to reduce injury, as your body’s muscles work synergistically, taking pressure off your joints, back and neck. Bones strengthen, and protein, which binds...

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“I thought the Amino Slim was too good to be true, but it does work!
Since starting I have dropped a jean size and a bra size.
What a great product!”

Anne SB

“Zana, they’ve really worked for me. Having
suffered from long Covid and not being able to do as
much exercise in 6 weeks. I’ve lost the stone I put on!”

Katie M

“My running, actually jogging, has got faster… as a 57 year old
woman I’ve gone from 11.30 minute mile to 10.3
- which I’m delighted about!!!”

Bev S

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