How nutrition and training help men to build strength, stamina and libido

How nutrition and training help men to build strength, stamina and libido
Just like women, mid-life hormonal changes impact men too, resulting in significant physical, emotional and mental changes. And as such men have become the targets of many prime-time TV ads, offering remedies to boost testosterone, slow down hair thinning, fix erectile dysfunction, stop weight gain and keep depression at bay.
However, before launching into the world of pharmaceuticals, it is well worth reviewing more natural ways to support a healthy hormonal balance, especially nutrition, nutrients and training. And remember, what worked and supported each of us at 20, may no longer apply at 40 or indeed 60 - those nutritional and exercise needs change.
Cardio may burn fat, but too much cardio, especially at this stage in life, could deplete valuable testosterone levels. By contrast, short high intensity exercise as well as weight training, have been found to support natural testosterone levels, resulting in the loss of belly fat and the gain of stronger, youthful muscle, more energy and more stamina.
Protein, from steak to lentils, will help you to recover from training and build lean body mass, which includes the very organs that produce our hormones. Equally those same hormones themselves require both protein and fat to exist. e.g. avocados, egg yolks, olive oil.
Read Zana's advice on how to improve nutrition while you accelerate fat loss (without feeling hangry.) Several supplements can very quickly support health, strength and drive in midlife. Men will benefit hugely from starting or ending the day with a delicious Casein Protein Shake, Our bestseller is Unsweetened Vanilla but
Chocolate is a luscious way to indulge, while building lean muscle and strength. Add a teaspoon of Creatine, to not only boost lean body mass and
stamina, but also improving memory and recall - read more here.
Don't forget the adrenals, the often overworked glands that produce half of our sex hormones as well as our stress hormones, cortisol and adrenaline. Excess stress can delete these precious glands, impacting so many of our body's processes, from sleep to sex drive. And there is nothing more powerful for helping to strengthen our physical and mental health than a good night’s sleep, every night.
Both Magnesium Rocks and Chill Pill help to support healthy cortisol levels, improving sleep, mood, energy and drive. Magnesium is also essential for a healthy heart (read how to protect and strengthen your heart).
So whether the goal is to lose excess fat, build lean muscle or simply to improve your motivation and drive, it’s always vital to consider hormonal balance, and how you chose to live, eat and move may impact it - for better or worse.
Image courtesy of inspirational lifestyle influencer and cyclist What Kathy Did Next

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