Hormonal Balances

With over 200 of the little critters, effecting every waking (and sleeping!) action, from sex drive to fat loss, cravings to sleep. Never has it been more important to keep them happy.

Fat Loss

From enjoying a stomach that naturally pulls in to jeans that roll on effortlessly? Let’s get you back to owning your body!

Stress & Sleep

We all know the importance of a good night’s rest, the feeling of calm, being refreshed and ready to take on the day. In the face of adversity, recover the happy, calm & clear you!

Strength & Muscle Tone

Muscle tone, stamina & strength - all in the exercise, right? Wrong! Here are the nutritional hacks to fuel your body so you can recover and re-build, fast.

Brain Health

From brain fog to simple forgetfulness. Providing your body and brain with the fuel it needs to function at its peak, becomes ever more important with each passing year.


As they say, your body is the only place you have to live and there really is nothing more important than your health - now more than ever.


Creaking knees or aching shoulders? Don’t underestimate the potential of key nutrients to keep you supple and ready to spring to action.


Imagine not only fitting everything in, but also having the stamina to finish your day with more energy spare.


“I thought the Amino Slim was too good to be true, but it does work! Since starting I have dropped a jean size and a bra size. What a great product!”

Anne SB

“Zana, they’ve really worked for me. Having suffered from long Covid and not being able to do as much exercise in 6 weeks. I’ve lost the stone I put on!”

Katie M

“My running, actually jogging, has got faster… as a 57 year old woman I’ve gone from 11.30 minute mile to 10. - which I’m delighted about!!!”

Bev S