The shape of your heart

The shape of your heart
When you hit the gym in a bid to lose belly fat, it's worth considering the true benefit of this endeavour. Beyond the obvious increased sense of wellbeing and confidence that comes with a svelte shape and a flat stomach, there is a far greater reason to wish to lose belly fat. Unlike fat on the hips, fat around the belly is a sign of insulin resistance, where your body releases more insulin than it should. Insulin resistance is a multifaceted syndrome that significantly increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.
Insulin resistance raises blood sugar levels, and high blood sugar leads to inflammation, which damages the lining inside our arteries. What’s more, people with insulin resistance could be more likely to develop abnormal heart rhythms, increasing the risk of sudden cardiac death, where the heart suddenly stops beating.
So when you hit the gym in a bid to get back into shape and lose belly fat, just remember, whereas that a small waist and flat stomach will not only make you feel really good, but also be indicative of stabilising insulin and increasing insulin sensitivity. And that's very good news for your heart.
The Strong Nutrients products that will help you to protect your heart:
Amino Slim, by supporting the body's natural hormonal balance while we sleep, helps the body to reduce fat, in particular, around the belly.
Chill Pill will help your body deal with stress as it should, in a calm relaxed manner.
Overworked adrenals produce excess cortisol increasing blood sugar levels, indirectly increasing the likelihood of insulin resistance. Chill Pill is packed with calcium pantothenate, also called Vitamin B5, which supports and nourishes our adrenal glands, helping mood, sleep and ensuring you face every day with a newly restored sense of calm.
Magnesium is an essential mineral for ensuring a healthy heart beat, not to mention
supporting healthy blood sugar levels and reducing cortisol. Try our winter bestseller, Magnesium Rocks, to support your heartbeat.
Cellution has 14 potent anti-inflammatory antioxidants, protecting our cells and heart from free radical damage and oxidation: read this article to see how many ways Cellution can contribute to a strong, robust heart, increasing vascular health and helping reduce insulin resistance.
Antarctic Krill Oil, as well as supporting healthy circulation and reducing inflammation, will help to slow the build up of plaque (a build up of cholesterol, fat and calcium) which can harden and block your arteries.)

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