Zana Morris
Shoulder press

Shoulder press

The shoulder press: lateral press for your lateral deltoids otherwise known as the side of your shoulders, and front press, for those muscles at the front. In terms of the benefits, the shoulder press obviously works your shoulder or deltoid muscles. Training your shoulders will give you strength for lifting and many “pushing” movements, however there are so many more advantages to be gained from training this little group of muscles. From supporting your whole shoulder unit and helping secure that precious shoulder rotation to keeping your shoulder joint nicely in place. Training your shoulders can also take undue pressure...

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“I thought the Amino Slim was too good to be true, but it does work!
Since starting I have dropped a jean size and a bra size.
What a great product!”

Anne SB

“Zana, they’ve really worked for me. Having
suffered from long Covid and not being able to do as
much exercise in 6 weeks. I’ve lost the stone I put on!”

Katie M

“My running, actually jogging, has got faster… as a 57 year old
woman I’ve gone from 11.30 minute mile to 10.3
- which I’m delighted about!!!”

Bev S

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