Give Me Strength

Give Me Strength

How often do you go off the grid? Just switch off your phone off, or at least pause those constant Notifications, and give yourself a little headspace to help recharge your energy? For a lot of us this just isn’t possible, we’ve got business and family deadlines to meet, a taxi service to run, beloved family members to care for, a dog to walk and an online shop to organise.

Obviously we are all for encouraging you to take time out to find that space and sense of calm - just for you. However we know that that’s not always going to be easy, and finding the energy, strength and stamina to keep going at the pace you (and others) set for yourself is ever more essential, regardless of challenges or even stage in life. 

We never forget that ageing is a gift, and our mission is to help you be able to embrace it, thriving in the midst of life’s hurdles and excesses! With this in mind, here are a couple of simple tips to help you stay ahead of the game, at any age.

Consider increasing your protein intake – fish, pulses, meat, cheese or eggs. Protein is the only food group that helps us to slow down and even stop the body’s lean body mass atrophy (loss), which happens to all of us from the age of 30 onwards. Your muscle and lean body mass ie hair, skin and major organs including your heart, will all benefit. Not only will you see improved muscle tone leading to better strength and stamina but also better skin texture. And remember many of your body’s organs produce your hormones - protecting those can help in maintaining a healthy, strong hormonal balance.

And here’s the bonus – as a side effect, if you replace a percentage of your carbohydrate intake with protein, you will also see some fat loss from around the belly, have fewer cravings as well as have more consistent and sustainable energy throughout your day, helping you to embrace all life’s challenges. 

Don’t over train. In short - Go easier on yourself! Your life has enough stresses and strains without unduly driving cortisol and stress levels up even further by training too hard and not allowing your body sufficient recovery time. Over training is one of the most common reasons behind depleted energy and even that sense of inexplicable emotional exhaustion. 

Keep to 3-4 (max!) high intensity training sessions per week, each no longer than 25 - 30 minutes. Thereafter focus on meditative and restorative options such as walking (especially in nature), yoga or even swimming.  You’ll find not only does your strength and stamina dramatically increase, but in the presence of all those mood boosting neurotransmitters, that those noisy thoughts naturally decrease, as your mind becomes calm, happiness levels return, and in turn, you have access to an even greater pool of energy, to power you with clarity through whatever task or challenge that life decides to add to your day. 




Strong at any age

We all need stamina and strong, healthy muscle tone, at every stage of our lives. A couple of decades ago, we all thought that it was just gym bunnies and muscle heads who wanted to bulk up, visiting health food stores to buy great big tubs of protein powder. Yes, our Casein Protein powder does indeed support recovery from training, both in terms of muscle recovery and stamina, however casein protein is also unusually low-glycemic, meaning it will help to keep blood sugar levels steady so you can stay fuller for longer, as well as have support in losing that stubborn insulin related belly fat!

So not just for the bunnies or the muscle heads...Adolescents - girls and boys - older adults, new mums and menopausal women, even children can all benefit from our delicious Casein . Found naturally in yoghurt or cheese. these delicious natural protein shakes will help build and recover lean body mass, as well as sustain you through your day. Rich in calcium as well as magnesium citrate, our shakes naturally support bone density as well as nerve and muscle function at every age. 

Whether it the Unsweetened Vanilla option blended into a healthy green smoothie, our Vanilla "ice-cream" flavour blended with frozen berries, or, our team's favourite, the delicious Chocolate option as a dessert after supper, find yours and your family's favourite and blend with any dairy or plant-based milk, anytime of the day. To be enjoyed by customers of all ages (and suitable for vegetarians too!).

And the added bonus? You will not only build lean body mass, becoming firmer and more toned, be able to power through your day without feeling hungry, find it easier to lose belly fat, you will also experience better skin and stronger hair & nails too!


Calm all day long

Low in energy and high in emotions? Lacking in sleep and short on time?  Rather than reaching for another coffee when your energy drops or that glass of wine to take the edge off, re-set your adrenal glands rather than giving them yet another kick to keep them going. Taking 4 Chill Pills every night before bed helps re-set your adrenals while you sleep, allowing you to wake up every morning properly rested, feeling calmer and happier. .Your immune system, hormones, blood pressure and your fight-or-flight instincts will all thank you for it. And if you’re supporting young adults taking endless exams, you’ll find that Chill Pill can help to keep their stress levels in check too.


Zana Morris, Founder

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