Amino Slim

Amino Slim

I’m often asked about the products in the Strong Nutrients range, not just how to take them but also benefits, who should take them, when and why. Amino Slim is no exception. In fact, it is by far our greatest seller, it certainly is a favourite of mine and the name says it all!

Having spent decades in the industry of helping people get into shape, on top of the decades of training that I’ve done personally, I really have been around the block when it comes to looking at, trying, and uncovering what are considered “fat-burners”, and as a rule,  I find that they can usually be divided into three categories:

There are fat binders, that bind with the fat in your body to help you excrete it. I’ve never loved those, simply because there’s a lot of benefit to the fat that you ingest, including being a supply of fat soluble vitamins and being a valuable source of actual energy.

The second group that I’ve personally always had difficulty taking “as prescribed” are the thermogenic,  that contain a herbal stimulant of some description, whether it be caffeine or simply a herb such as guarana that “speeds” or heats (hence the name) everything up, helping you “burn” through your calories faster. Again, I don’t love these as they are stimulants, which can have a result in overall energy depletion, as well as be a little tough on both your adrenals and levels of cortisol. 

The final, which is clearly going to be my favourite, and is the reason that I love Amino Slim, is the food-based, amino-acid group. L-Ornithine is simply an amino acid, part of a protein, and found in food such as an egg or a piece of cheese. Amino acids are the building blocks of you. When you take them individually however, outside of their protein food and separate from each other, they each have a different impact on your body and its health.

As an example, some such as Tryptophan, are great for mood, helping build the neurotransmitter serotonin. L-Tryosine is essential to create the melanin in your skin (and will help you get a deeper tan!). Others like L-lysine can help you to fight the herpes virus, and is great to avoid or clear up cold sores.

L’Ornithine, which is the main ingredient in Amino Slim, seems to support the natural process that occurs during both HIT and sleep. And that’s what’s quite fun about this! This is about losing fat while you are sleeping. We’re not talking about doing more here, we’re actually making use of when you are doing less.

Obviously, I am not recommending that this replaces sensible eating and nutrition nor would I encourage anyone to not exercise! However in my experience, it really seems to support the results. In fact, I frequently find customers who take Amino Slim, without changing anything in their diet or exercise regime, getting fabulous results, varying from visible inch loss around the belly over 2-3 weeks, to as much as 2 stone over the course of 2-3 months.

This is because, in any form of high intensity training or proper weight training, a lovely hormonal shift occurs.  We seem to get a great burst of natural growth hormone release, the hormone that “pushes” protein back into our bodies, strengthening, repairing and recovering all of our lean body mass. At the same time, our body’s levels of insulin diminish.  

Stabilising insulin is good news. In fact any fat around our middle or belly area, is related to our body releasing too much insulin, which often happens more and more as we age. Excess insulin can be the result of insulin resistance caused not only by poor eating habits but also by stress and peri-menopause/ menopause and even andropause, which is the equivalent for men.

In my experience,  when you support the balance ie, reduce insulin and encourage natural  growth hormone release, belly fat begins to dissipate. Indeed, this is not about calorie counting…

When we training with intensity and while we sleep, this is a process should occur naturally (provided of course you don’t throw if off course by raising those insulin levels with sugar and carbohydrate foods beforehand!)

Amino Slim simply supports this natural process. By taking it before bed, or before a short intense training blitz, (which could be as little as one minute of squats), the body seems to burn fat faster and even recover and firm up faster. It is for this reason that I always recommend clients look out for inch loss first, and only then weight loss.  I recommend allowing 10-14 days to really notice the effect. 

Good to know!

L-Ornithine has also been found in studies to support sleep, as well as act as a detoxifier, helping the body convert ammonia into urea.

How to take?

In my experience, Amino Slim is best taken as a cycle, i.e. consistently without a break for between 2-3 months however it will depend on how much you have to lose!

Important: This is a fussy supplement! You’re getting it in your food already, but in order to get the benefit of fat loss… you need to take it away from all food.

Take 5 capsules or ½ teaspoon in water as you go to bed or 20 minutes before your training. Stop eating 2 ½ hours beforehand. Water or herbal tea are fine, avoid anything with nutritional value.

Try this hack

  1. Take it at night and occasionally are out, either eating or drinking late? Just take it if you wake up in the middle of the night and go back to sleep, or first thing in the morning, and have a late breakfast. (It works best at night before bed, so only do this on occasion not as the rule!).
  2. If you take it first thing in the morning, do a minute of squats or any exercise that gets the heart rate up 20 minutes later, just to get that impact of having that training effect that it works so well with!

Although you can take it with any other supplements and most medications, we always recommend you inform and check with your doctor or specialist when taking medication for any health issues. 


Zana Morris, Founder

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